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Design pendant lamps

When furnishing your own four walls, you will certainly attach great importance to tasteful furniture. After all, the individual objects should visually match each other and overall give a well-rounded image. In this regard, some elements turn out to be rather plain, while other pieces of furniture should deliberately attract attention and serve as a highlight. However, not only sofas, tables, armchairs or chairs are suitable for this purpose, but also light sources. In as much as you want to equip your home with unique and contemporary lighting compositions, design pendant lights are just what you need! With such a piece of furniture, you can not only extensively illuminate your living room or dining room, but at the same time provide a special accent to your interior. Are you interested in other types of lamps, as well as accessories? In our online store you will certainly find what you are looking for, insofar as you are looking for high-quality lighting constructions. Our wide and well-assorted offer has, for example, interior lamps such as pendants, ceiling lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps or table lamps at an affordable price. Stylistically, there is also something for every taste - whether modern and discreet models to extravagant and ostentatious specimens. Do you have further questions about shipping, shipping costs or one of our products? Our friendly service will be happy to advise you and provide you with further information if necessary.

What are design hanging lamps?

A design pendant lamp is a primary lighting fixture that is installed on the ceiling of a room. They are relatively large and, accordingly, extensive in terms of the range of their light. The lighting structures consist of the often strikingly designed luminous body, a base that is attached to the ceiling, as well as one or more cables that supply the model with power. The copies are intended for the interior and come rather plain in color. Typically, lamps are white, silver, black or anthracite. Many design lamps are made of metal such as chrome, copper or nickel and are correspondingly robust. The illuminant is always an environmentally friendly and powerful LED, which are valued for their long life of over 50,000 hours. Smaller specimens often come in a "flame" design. This means that they have several light elements, each equipped with its own LED. Models with two to six light elements are common. To increase the user-friendliness of the specimens, many light compositions have special additional functions. These include a color change of the illuminant, touch dimmer, height adjustability, as well as an enclosed remote control.

Where are the models used?

Suitable places for installing a design ceiling lamp depend largely on the type of specimen. If we are talking about larger lighting structures, they are particularly suitable as a central element in the living room or entrance hall. In the case of a smaller pendant lamp, which strongly resembles pendant lights, it makes more sense to install it above the dining table. Here are some options where you can install your model:

  • In the living room, where the design lamp will attract all eyes and provide an inviting brightness.
  • Above the dining room table, to guide you through meals with multi-flame models as a pendant lamp.
  • In the hallway to make every corner, stairs and all trip hazards visible.
  • In the entrance area to welcome your guests with a visual highlight and warm light.

How are the models mounted?

A design pendant luminaire is attached to a cable, which hangs down from the ceiling of the room. For this reason, such a light requires a different installation than a flat ceiling lamp, which resemble LED panels. Such installation is similar to that of a pendant luminaire or a chandelier and, accordingly, requires several steps. Simple operations such as drilling holes in the ceiling or fixing the bulb, of course, you can do yourself. However, as soon as it's time for the electrical installation, you should call in an expert. This promises you a lower risk of injury both during installation and in terms of use. In addition, professional installation will guarantee proper mounting, which will give your lamp a long life.

How to clean a hanging lamp?

Not all, but many design lamps have an aesthetic lampshade, which over time mutates into a dust collector. However, since your model should always look like new, regular cleaning of the specimen is indispensable. Depending on the material and texture of the shade, you have a choice of different ways to clean it. For models with glass, metal, plastic or paper umbrella, it is enough to remove the dust with a feather duster. If the impurities prove to be more stubborn, detach the umbrella, if possible, and clean it with mild detergents in the bathtub or sink. A textile umbrella, on the other hand, should be treated with mild detergent and then left to air dry. If the umbrella is made of glass, you can clean it with standard glass cleaner.

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