4 Article


4 Article

You still need a barbecue for the summer and the right accessories?
Choose a grill from our range which meets your needs. Whether gas or charcoal grills, table gas grills or gas grill carts, we have them all. Or how about a more modern electric grill?
You would like to have an open fireplace?
For stick bread at children's events, our sturdy fire pits or fire bowls are first-rate to use. With a grate look, a corresponding feeling arises when you sit around the fire with your friends.
You are still missing wood or charcoal?
You can also find them in our store. To ensure a large supply for beautiful barbecue evenings, we offer bags with 10kg content.
Create the perfect barbecue evening
A special highlight is the high-quality material and the optical design of the grills. Create a calm, relaxed and atmospheric atmosphere with the right grill and enjoy your food freshly cooked.

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