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Escape route lighting

In everyday life, it can happen at any time that a building must be evacuated or cleared as quickly as possible. It may be a case of smoke development, fire or even a risk of collapse despite regular maintenance, which requires immediate evacuation of the building in question. In this case, it is important not to panic and to move as quickly as possible to the emergency exits built for such purposes. Often, however, visibility in the escape routes is limited due to the hazardous conditions, or the power is out for the time being. To get to the exit safely in such situations, escape route luminaires and emergency luminaires can help guide you outside so you can get yourself and others to safety. In addition to such lighting, our online store has a wide range and also offers lighting compositions such as wall lamps, table lamps or pendant lights, as well as accessories. No matter what lamps you are interested in: We have a suitable specimen ready for every taste and budget. Do you have questions regarding delivery, shipping, price or one of our products? Our friendly service will be happy to advise you and provide you with further information on request.

What is escape route lighting? 

An escape route luminaire, which can also be referred to as an emergency luminaire, is a rectangular light composition that indicates the escape route to the nearest exit of a building. The housing of the luminaires is usually made of plastic and has an escape sign on the front including a pictogram and a green background. In most cases, the safety sign consists of three components: A running person, an arrow and a door symbolizing the exit. Depending on where the corresponding exit is located in the respective structure, different directions of the arrows are required. Therefore, the scope of delivery includes a total of four of these signs, which have arrows pointing to the right, left, up and down.

A powerful LED is used as the illuminant, which shines in a bright light such as cool white for the sake of good visibility. Such a luminaire is installed on the wall or ceiling along with the cable. The power supply of the luminaires is independent of the general supply of the building, which is why the security luminaires can shine for several hours at a time despite a power failure thanks to a rechargeable battery. Thanks to an integrated standby circuit, an LED escape route luminaire detects an emergency and is then automatically activated, whereas in normal conditions it is switched off.

Where should emergency lighting be installed?

There are some structures where the installation of emergency lighting with LEDs in detection distance is mandatory due to certain DIN standards and requirements. Especially in large facilities, many people are to be expected, all of whom have to get outside in case of an emergency. In the following institutions, according to certain regulations, you must install anti-panic lighting by wall mounting or ceiling mounting in Germany:

  • Parking garages and garages 
  • Airports 
  • Hospitals 
  • Police stations 
  • Restaurants, bars and other catering establishments 
  • Schools and day-care centers 
  • Supermarkets and department stores 
  • Skyscrapers and office buildings 
  • Hotels and boarding houses 
  • Psychiatric hospitals

In addition, emergencies may also occur in workplaces that require escape from a building. Safety lighting systems do not have to be provided as a matter of principle during the planning of such facilities, but only if certain criteria apply. These are illustrated by the following points:

  • Many people unfamiliar with the area are present 
  • Escape routes and rescue routes are winding and difficult to see 
  • Open-plan offices and spacious halls are present 
  • There is no daylight 
  • The building has many floors or a high number of people present