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You're probably familiar with this: just down the stairs to the basement to do something, you'll be fine in the dark, you think to yourself. But there is always that one awkward shelf on the wall, on the edge of which you constantly bump!

58 Article

Making your home safer with robust damp-proof luminaires 

You're probably familiar with this: just down the stairs to the basement to do something, you'll be fine in the dark, you think to yourself. But there's always that one awkward shelf on the wall, the edge of which you keep bumping into! In the basement, light is a real perennial problem, because not all lights are suitable for rooms that tend to be damp like this. If you use unsuitable tubes, which have no protection against foreign bodies, moisture or dust, it may even be dangerous for you. Fortunately, there is a perfect solution in the form of damp room luminaires, with which you can illuminate your premises safely and pleasantly, so that nasty stumbling blocks will no longer be your undoing.

What is a damp-proof luminaire made of?

Tub lights, as they are also called, got their name from their shape, which strongly resembles a bathtub. This particularly robust light composition usually consists of three parts: A lower shell (usually made of polycarbonate) a support plate and a cover. Depending on the location, a rubber seal can provide additional protection against moisture, humidity or dust, making bathtub luminaires a versatile type of lamp. Most models are not dimmable, but the color temperature can vary. Optionally, a grid on the housing can provide additional protection from external conditions. Nowadays, the LED moisture-proof luminaire is mainly used instead of outdated fluorescent lamps. Through-wiring is also possible, allowing multiple lamps to be connected in parallel.

Where are tub lights used?

As the name suggests, a damp-proof bathtub luminaire is mainly intended for those places in a house where it can be damp, wet or even dusty. At first, a damp room like the basement or a workshop will come to your mind here, but industry has already come to appreciate the benefits of this type of lamp as well. It is important to note that with a tub lamp, as they are also called due to their shape, the focus is not on aesthetics. In the first place, it is about the robustness of the lamp, as it must withstand the external conditions of the corresponding room for a long time and illuminate it optimally. In addition, it must provide adequate protection in terms of moisture and humidity in the environment, so that there is no risk of injury. 

Are there any differences? 

Although LED tub lights cover a fairly specific branch of illuminants, it is also necessary to differentiate here. One thing is clear: it must be robust. But here possibly the first question arises: Robust against what? After all, there are many places, both inside and outside the house, where it may not be quite so cozy. So which bathtub light should you choose? In our online store you will find many different types of this type of lighting, which are optimized for different premises and make your everyday life safer.

It depends on the premises

Depending on which place should be brightened with the help of tub lights, they must have appropriate characteristics. If the luminaire is to illuminate your workplace in the workshop, it must be resistant to dust and possible foreign bodies. In a laundry room, it is important that the damp-proof luminaire is also resistant to splashing water. However, if you want to illuminate the outdoor area of your property, you should make sure that the lamp can withstand pouring rain. 

The degree of protection is relevant

The degree of protection determines the resistance of the damp-proof diffuser luminaire to appropriate external conditions. In addition, it classifies the protection of people against possible exposure to luminous flux. Regarding the field of application of bathtub luminaires (dusty, damp or even wet rooms), it is important to choose the appropriate damp-proof bathtub luminaire. The latter is always indicated by the abbreviation IP (International Protection or also Ingress Protection). This is followed by a two-digit number, the first of which always indicates protection against foreign bodies. The second number gives information about the tightness against humidity or moisture. 
For damp room lamps, specimens with the following protection numbers are suitable: 

  • IP44: protection against foreign bodies = 1 mm and against splashing water from all sides 
  • IP65: dust-tight, protection against water jets from all angles 
  • IP67: dust-tight, protection against brief submersion 

Consider the light intensity 

For different locations within your premises, it is recommended to use an LED with different luminous intensity (measured in lumens, or lm). It depends not only on the place of use of the light composition, but also on its purpose and the size of the room in question. For living rooms, for example, 100 lumens per square meter is sufficient. Since damp room lamps are often used in rooms where good lighting is necessary, you should go for lamps with a luminous intensity of around 250 to 300 lumens per square meter.

Find the perfect model for your home

Whether for laundry room, workroom, basement or the garage: in our store you will find tub lights for every purpose and location. Our extensive range has all the products that will make your everyday life at home easier and safer. With us you will find with regard to any models such as ceiling lights, pendant lights, outdoor lights or recessed lights as well as accessories with an individual light color (for example, neutral white or cool white). Already after fast shipping and short delivery time you can integrate them into your own home. We also offer suitable solutions for lighting compositions with motion detectors. Safety and quality have highest priority. 

In case of questions or for further references we are of course at your disposal, provide you with information and advise you with pleasure. Stop by today and browse through our assortment to find the most suitable and at the same time safest LED moisture-proof luminaire for your home!