LED panels

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They are already indispensable for offices, medical practices and supermarkets: LED panels. The flat, often square and very bright panels are the ideal choice when it comes to illuminating premises over a large area.

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LED panels

They are already indispensable for offices, medical practices and supermarkets: LED panels. The flat, often square and very bright panels are the ideal choice when it comes to illuminating premises over a large area. But the sleek lighting compositions are also being used more and more in private homes. For example, they can optimally set the scene for certain areas of your own home. In our online store, you will certainly find what you are looking for if you are looking for a high-quality LED panel at a reasonable price. Browse through our many articles and let us surprise you - there is guaranteed to be something for you, too! Do you have any questions about our products, the ordering process or shipping? We will be happy to provide you with further information and also assist you with technical questions regarding wattage, lumen or protection class. 

What are LED panels?

LED panels are large-area, thin lamps, which are mostly mounted on the ceiling as recessed spotlights. They usually consist of a mounting frame, in which the LED is installed, and a surface, which is often made of frosted glass. Due to their size, the ceiling lights have a very wide light emission, which makes them ideal for lighting spacious rooms. At the same time, in terms of light color, these lighting compositions cover every conceivable purpose from white to warm white to yellowish. Moreover, nowadays the spotlights can also be equipped with some additional functions and accessories to use them in your own home as well. For example, some of the models in our store have a dimmable driver or can be controlled by smart home technology as well as a remote control. 

Where are LED panels used? 

Nowadays, LED panels are mainly found in premises where intensive work is done and therefore a very bright atmosphere is required. Also stores that offer, for example, fashion, take advantage of the properties of this type of ceiling light. The corresponding products should appear in a bright and natural as possible, in order to present them in the best possible way, as well as to sell them. It is different with places like a bar, restaurant or lounge. Here it is more about a cozy atmosphere, which should encourage the customer to stay for a long time. In this context, such recessed luminaires do not represent a functional, but rather a visual purpose, which incidentally increases the satisfaction of customers. 

LED panels in offices - a case in point. 

Unlike in a restaurant or while shopping, LED panels in the office are primarily intended to provide adequate lighting rather than a pleasant atmosphere. Each employee should be able to work in a concentrated and focused manner, and brightness also plays a crucial role. Therefore, at best, the panel in the office should be mounted directly above the desk, so that no unwanted shadows are cast. 

In addition, the LED should never shine into the employee's direct field of vision, as otherwise he or she will be dazzled and their concentration disturbed. The UGR value ("Unified Glare Rate") must not exceed 19 for offices in order to ensure a pleasant working environment. You should also avoid yellowish light, as this tends to slow down productivity rather than stimulate it. Neutral white light, on the other hand, has been shown to have a positive effect on work behavior. 

What are the benefits of LED panels? 

Panels have long since established themselves on the market and can now be found in many areas of everyday life. Understandably, because they bring with them some advantages that other lamps do not offer and can combine as a complete package. The following features of large area LED lights prove to be particularly practical: 

  • energy-saving (due to LEDs as illuminants)
  • environmentally friendly 
  • long-lasting 
  • many models are dimmable 
  • uniform illumination of rooms 
  • hardly susceptible to dust and dirt 
  • space-saving 

What is the RA value all about? 

If you are planning to use a panel in a nail salon or a fashion store, for example, you should definitely pay attention to the LED CI value (color rendering index, also called RA value). This indicates how much the appearance of an object is distorted due to the artificial light. A value of 100 represents the most natural appearance. So, to avoid giving your customers a nasty surprise after they leave the store, the RA value of the LED panels should be as high as possible. Here you can get an overview of what light quality the corresponding value represents: 

  • 0-50: insufficient 
  • 50-75: sufficient 
  • 75-90: good
  • 90-100: very good