Pendant luminaires for the garden

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Outdoor hanging lights 

Are you currently planning a party in your home garden to properly ring in the summer with a few friends? The invitations have already been sent out, the furniture has already been fitted with cushions and the lawn has been mowed. So far, however, there is a lack of lighting that is not only suitable for the exterior of your home, but is also beautiful to look at and sets the scene for your garden. In this case, outdoor hanging lights are just what you need! In our online store you will find many products and high-quality accessories such as a motion detector at a low price, which serve a variety of purposes and cater to every taste. Whether classic lantern, lampion, fairy lights or ball light: you will certainly find what you are looking for in terms of your own personal light. If you have any questions about the terms and conditions, the delivery, the shipping and the shipping costs, we will of course provide you with further information upon request. 

What are outdoor hanging lights?

With the help of this lighting composition, you will succeed in stylishly illuminating your green spaces and thus put them in a good light. Therefore, the lamps are the perfect companion for balmy summer nights and barbecues, where you and your friends can stay outside for a very long time thanks to the pleasant light. The lights are either connected to the mains or powered by solar cells. By default, LEDs act as the illuminant of each lamp, which makes them very durable. 

As for the external appearance of the lamps, our online store has countless models in all imaginable shapes and colors. In addition to lanterns and lanterns, we offer, among other things, pendant lamps with shade, made of bamboo or glass. Whether white, black or anthracite: for every taste, style and interior we have at least one specimen ready, which could also illuminate your outdoor area in the future. Due to the fact that the pendant lamp is mounted outside, it is, of course, armed against any weather conditions and equipped with an appropriate degree of protection. 

What are the pendant lights made of? 

Basically, each copy has three different components: the body of the lamp, the illuminant (LED) and a mounting option. This is located - depending on the model - either in the immediate vicinity of the lamp body itself or on a rope, which is usually made of metal. Power is supplied either by solar cells or by connection to the mains. 

The most striking feature of an outdoor hanging lamp is, of course, its exterior. This is made of paper, metal, plastic or glass, for example, and is therefore suitable for different areas of your property in each case. The product range of our online store has a wide selection of different styles. Whether purist, modern, classic, vintage-look, minimalist or with a Far Eastern touch - the choice is yours. 

Some models additionally, unlike wall lamps, have a flattened bottom, which allows you to detach the light compositions from their mounting and use them as table lamps instead. For other specimens, for example, those that have a spherical shape, this option is not available.

Where are outdoor hanging lamps suitable? 

With regard to the place where you want to install your lighting composition, there are almost no limits. Before mounting, you just need to make sure that there is a suitable way to attach the lamp. This can be a canopy, a ceiling, a wooden beam or even a hook embedded in the house wall. The following areas of your outdoor space are particularly suitable for mounting such a light composition: 

  • Terrace: as a companion through a balmy summer night with cool drinks and nice people, nothing is better than a beautiful pendant light. This additionally contributes to a good mood and ensures that you can continue to sit outside at night.
  • Garden: Especially our solar-powered models, which also have a stand, make a good figure here. In the flowerbed or on the lawn, the light compositions provide a pleasant light and optimally set your green space in scene.
  • Entrance area: Not only does the hanging lamp show you and your guests the way to the front door, it also represents a real eye-catcher! In terms of safety and style, this installation kills two birds with one stone, and you can also take advantage of the benefits of ceiling lights
  • Balcony: If a suitable possibility for hanging the lamp can be found, the light compositions also make a first-class figure on the balcony at home. However, especially in big cities and with many neighbors, you should make sure that your lamp is not too bright and does not disturb people in the vicinity.

How does the installation of the lamps proceed?

Regarding the mounting of your pendant lamp, you have numerous options. For example, you can mount the lamp under a canopy, on a wooden beam or on the ceiling of your home entrance, if it is to be illuminated. On the other hand, the mounting of the lamp depends largely on the material of the lighting composition and its intended use. However, especially with regard to the electrical system, it is advisable to have your pendant lamp mounted by a professional, so as not to expose yourself to any risk of injury. At the same time, this will ensure that the lighting composition has been installed correctly and will therefore give you pleasure for a long time.

How bright can the lights be?

Unlike the interior of your own home, external lighting compositions are subject to certain rules regarding brightness. This is to ensure that no neighbors are disturbed by too bright a light late at night. As a general rule, the further outside a large city, the greater the tolerance. So in rural areas, the brightness may be turned up a bit, while in the city center you should exercise caution. But there are further gradations, which are represented by the unit lux (illuminance, abbreviated lx) in the following. Note: A candle standing about one meter from the observer has an illuminance of 1 lx.

From 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Outside the specified rest period, the following maximum illuminance levels apply to four areas to be classified differently: 

  • Hospitals and nursing homes, spa districts: 1 lx
  • Urban areas, recreational districts: 3 lx
  • Village areas: 5 lx 
  • Industrial and commercial districts: 15 lx

From 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

The period between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. is also known as the quiet time. This applies not only to loud noises, but also to bright light sources, which could be perceived as disturbing at night. Consequently, the maximum allowed illuminance for this time is a little lower:

  • Hospitals and nursing homes, spa districts: 1 lx.
  • urban areas, recreational districts: 1 lx 
  • village areas: 1 lx
  • Industrial and commercial districts: 5 lx

Which protection class should you choose?

Since your pendant lamp will find a place outside, you should remember to pay attention to the correct protection class. This is indicated by the abbreviation IP ("International Protection"). This is followed by two numbers, the first of which stands for protection against foreign bodies and dust, while the second number indicates resistance to water. There are several variants for the corresponding spotlights, depending on where exactly they are installed: 

  • IP44: This is the minimum and, at the same time, standard protection class for outdoor luminaires. Thus, your pendant lamp is armed against all-round splashing water and small foreign bodies and can easily withstand less extreme weather conditions. 
  • IP45: If you mount the outdoor lamp in close proximity to your green area, it may be exposed to jet water from the water hose. Thanks to the second digit "5", the base light is additionally immune to this and can also survive any gardening with ease.