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High-quality recessed spotlights are used to create atmospheric lighting accents around the house. In many respects, such lighting models are also crucial for safety.

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Recessed spotlights outside - making the facade shine

High-quality recessed spotlights are used to create atmospheric lighting accents around the house. In many ways, such lighting models are also crucial for safety. In the evening or at night, one is spared a misstep in the dark with the right light. Trampled plants, broken objects or accidents can be prevented with enough luminosity and safe spotlights in the ceiling, wall or floor. 

Modern LED or classic halogen?

A halogen lamp has mostly disadvantages compared to LED lamps, although it is 20% more energy efficient than an ordinary light bulb. The modern variant, also called light-emitting diode, has the following advantages:

  • 85% lower consumption than incandescent bulbs.
  • The durability is up to 50,000 hours
  • Lifetime is 50 times longer than halogen bulbs
  • The price-performance ratio is better
  • There is no risk of burns when touching
  • Lower consumption than energy saving lamps
  • Robust against shocks and vibrations
  • Available in many color temperatures

Incandescent and halogen are outdated nowadays, while LED technology is not only cheaper, but also more environmentally friendly.

Recessed lights for outdoor use made of high quality material 

The materials used are stainless steel, glass, aluminum, die-casting and plastic such as PC, among others. In some models, the lampshade is made of impact-resistant protective glass, so that it does not break too quickly. Due to different degrees of protection, some models are protected from influences in a special way:

  • Impact resistance grade IK10: the lamp can withstand loads up to 2 tons. 
  • IP65 degree of protection: the model is protected against water jets from all directions and fully protected against dust penetration. 
  • IP67 protection: Some of our products can even withstand temporary immersion in water. 

For your own safety and health, it is important that certain metals such as mercury are not present. Mercury is still present in old light bulbs and thermometers, while LED lamps have the advantage that virtually none of this substance appears in them. While contact with this heavy metal in a broken bulb is not fatal, inhalation can cause nausea and vomiting. 

A color palette of lights

  • The housing and material come in a variety of shapes and colors. For example, the range includes round, oval or square, and the colors include white, silver, chrome & matte and stainless steel. Some lampshades feature a frosted look, while the lights give off different shades of color. These include neutral, cool and warm white, the exact color temperature of which is expressed in Kelvin. The advantage of light emitting diodes is that the lights can shine in all colors. Our RGB color changing light bulbs from ETC store let more than 15 light colors shine either alternately or optionally. With a colorful remote control, the lights can be conveniently controlled from a distance. This provides especially at parties or romantic evenings for feel-good atmosphere. Some models are also dimmable, allowing personal lighting accents to be set. 

The wide range of different color temperatures in LED helps the eyes retain their vision in the long term. Particularly warm and subtle light colors are gentle on the retina. High-energy cold and blue colors can tire and dry out the retina, just like computers and cell phones. 

A recessed luminaire for outdoor use from above or below?

There are not only ceiling lights that shine down from the ceiling into the garden from above, but also recessed floor lights that shine from below. For this purpose, our LED ground lights are the most suitable. These can be optimally installed in the ground such as on the terrace, the garden path, in front of the garage door or between the plants and are particularly tread-resistant and passable. The protection class is IP65, which is why no dust penetrates or jet water causes damage. This is especially important in the summer, for example, when a swimming pool water hose is nearby or plants are watered. Similarly, puddles that appear on the porch, are more quickly perceived in the dark, so that no one slips.

How to install recessed spotlights on the property?

For a luminaire for the ceiling outside the house is drilled a hole and pay attention to what the recessed depth and diameter of the luminaire installed. Then a connection can be laid. This is usually the task of an experienced professional, because in addition to his electronic work, he will check other factors for the model in the area. These include, for example, the geographical conditions in the current location, so that the exact degree of protection of the product is taken into account. 

Wall luminaires can be installed directly on the facade as outdoor luminaires. In this case, the product details of the corresponding luminaire should be carefully checked. This includes the depth, length and width of the spotlight. Only then is a hole drilled.

Ground recessed spotlights as LED lamps with warm colors do not dazzle the eyes when looking deep and provide a very well illuminated environment. Here, and as with all other lights, the connection to the power grid should be waterproof. Otherwise, rain could lead to dangerous situations.

Order recessed spotlights for outdoor use online at ETC

Recessed spotlights can be used to temporarily turn night back into day. Whether shining from the ceiling, the wall or from the floor - with colorful light colors, the golden evening hour can be extended in a very personal way. For this purpose, there are accessories from our online store such as LED bulbs with changing colors and in different sockets. But also solar globe lights, available in different sets, and pendant and pendant lights decorate the surroundings of the house with beautiful warm color temperatures.

Do you still have questions about lighting? As lighting experts, we will provide you with the exact information you need. Whether supplementary equipment, questions about installation or the product itself - we will be happy to advise you. You can reach us at +49 (0) 2692 9338380 from Monday to Thursday between 08:00 and 17:00 and on Fridays between 08:00 and 14:00. The shipment is carried out without any problems in a few working days and is free of charge from an order value of 100 Euro. We look forward to hearing from you!

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