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LED Outdoor Spotlight

Do you know this situation? You come home in the evening after a long day at work, it is already dark and you are standing in front of your front door. You almost tripped over the small step in front of the entrance area in the hectic rush, now you rummage for your key and look for the keyhole afterwards. In the absence of adequate lighting, this supposedly simple task turns out to be a tricky one. To be spared from situations like this in the future, it is recommended to install an outdoor LED spotlight in the entrance area. In our online store you will find a variety of corresponding lighting compositions as well as accessories, which leave nothing to be desired and have a specimen ready for every taste and budget. Do you have any questions about our products regarding technical data such as the power, the number of watts or the light color? Our friendly service team will of course provide you with further information.

What are LED outdoor spotlights?

LED outdoor spotlights are lighting compositions, which are usually kept in a simple and flat design. They do not serve a visual purpose, but a functional one, providing appropriate brightness thanks to the bright illuminant in warm white or white and increasing safety in front of your house. The floodlights have a robust housing, which is made of aluminum, for example. This is complemented by a screwed glass plate as well as the illuminants located behind it, while a mounting bracket allows for installation on a wall. Thanks to the energy-saving LED bulbs, the lamps have a long service life and provide you with good lighting at all times. To ensure a wide range of brightness, models with a high beam angle are especially suitable.

What are the advantages?

Outdoor luminaires with integrated LEDs are modern and forward-looking. This is reflected in several factors that speak for the use of such a luminaire:

  • LEDs have a very low power consumption. This makes them not only more durable, but also more environmentally friendly than conventional light bulbs.
  • The light source does not use mercury. Therefore, when an LED breaks, there is no danger as far as the harmful substance is concerned.
  • An LED shines very brightly immediately after being switched on. Therefore, there is no start-up time, in which the final illumination is achieved only a little later.
  • Models with motion detectors illuminate the corresponding area at an early stage and thus minimize the risk of injury due to darkness.
  • Due to standardized sockets, changing the LED is easy and uncomplicated.

What are the spotlights suitable for?

In principle, the spotlights can be used anywhere you want to increase the safety of your property outdoors. In order to be able to mount the lamp, there should be - similar to a recessed spotlight - a wall, ceiling or a wooden beam, which are suitable for mounting the lamp. Outdoor spotlights are ideally suited for the following areas:

  • In front of the front door, to illuminate the entrance area.
  • At the garage, so that a safe exit from the car is guaranteed
  • In the garden, to illuminate it functionally in the evening
  • On the terrace, to provide a bright light

Which protection class should you choose?

Your outdoor LED spotlight is exposed to a wide variety of weather conditions at all times, which is why you should pay attention to an appropriate protection class. This is indicated by the abbreviation IP ("International Protection") and two digits. The first number stands for resistance to foreign bodies and dust, while the second digit indicates protection against water. Several protection classes are suitable for LED spotlights - depending on your exact location:

  • IP44: For protected areas, the standard protection rating is best. With this, your floodlight is immune to splashing water as well as small foreign objects and can thus withstand light rain.
  • IP45: When installed in the garden, the lights may eventually come into contact with jet water from the hose. This degree of protection ensures that the lamp is immune to this as well and water cannot penetrate.
  • IP65, IP66: On gravel or sandy paths, dust, dirt and soil are the order of the day. With these two protection classes, the light compositions are dust-protected and dust-tight, respectively.
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