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Plug-in lights

After buying a property, many owners quickly make sure that it is equipped with appropriate lighting elements from the inside. However, it is often forgotten that the garden is also enhanced by appropriate lamps and certain elements such as sculptures or a pond are thus better accentuated. To provide such lighting on your green spaces, plug-in lamps are ideal. These lighting compositions are designed for the outdoor area of your property and provide it with either a functional or decorative light. In addition to lighting compositions like these, we offer other items for your household. For example, we have categories such as outdoor ceiling lights, outdoor wall lights, fairy lights or outdoor floor lamps, and accessories, among others. Due to this great variety, you will surely find what you are looking for in our assortment, insofar as you are looking for a new lighting composition for a comfortable living. Do you have questions regarding shipping, shipping costs, delivery time or the manufacturer and price of our products? Our friendly service will be happy to advise you and provide you with further information if necessary.

What are plug-in lights?

These are lighting compositions designed for gardens or other green areas of a property. In this regard, the models turn out very different in terms of appearance. For example, the lights can appear narrow and high, round and flat, or in the form of a lantern. However, the spotlights all have one thing in common. They have a ground spike at the bottom end, with which you can fix the lamp in the lawn or in a gravel bed, as well as between rough stones. The lamps are made of robust materials such as plastic or stainless steel to withstand any weather.

Most of the models come with solar power, so you do not have to worry about placing the light compositions near a power outlet. The light source is an energy-saving and efficient LED. Some solar plug-in lights are also equipped with additional functions. In some cases, it is possible to adjust the light color individually, so that the solar lights can also shine in blue, red, green or yellow, among other colors. In addition, an integrated motion detector proves to be extremely practical, as in this case the lamps are activated automatically as soon as a person approaches.

Functional and decorative - where is the difference?

Insofar as you want to purchase a plug-in lamp, there are two different motivations for this. The lamp should serve either a functional or a decorative purpose. In the case of the former, aesthetic extras such as a changing light color of the LED are not necessary. Since the main purpose of the lamp is to provide increased safety and sufficient brightness at night, it is advantageous to choose a plain lamp with a motion detector. This will show you and your guests the way when approaching and eliminate nasty trip hazards. In the case of a decorative lamp, you are free to decide which look appeals to you the most and best suits your garden. Whether it's a lantern, a globe or a pedestal lamp - the choice is yours. Here you can without hesitation also reach for solar plug-in lights, which have special additional functions.

Where can the models be placed?

Basically, you can install a plug-in lamp in many different places. The only important thing here is that the solar light can capture solar energy without restrictions as far as possible and that there is a suitable surface so that the light can be securely fastened. The following places are suitable for positioning the light elements outside: 

  • In the garden as aesthetic lighting and decoration for the green area.
  • In a flower bed to highlight specific plants or sculptures and set the scene for them 
  • Near a pond to mark it even in the dark and increase safety
  • Next to the patio as a decoration and companion during a warm summer night
  • At the driveway to mark it clearly visible for guests

Which protection classes are suitable?

A plug-in luminaire is mounted outside, which is why you should pay attention to a suitable protection class. This is indicated by the abbreviation IP and two numbers. The first number stands for protection against foreign bodies and dust, while the second digit represents immunity to water. The exact location of a lighting composition finally decides which protection class is most suitable. With IP44 you decide for the standard protection class of luminaires that are mounted outside. They are thus protected against small foreign bodies as well as splashing water from all sides. In the event that jet water from a garden hose could hit the outdoor luminaire, on the other hand, the IP45 rating is suitable. On gravel or sandy paths, the IP65 and IP66 ratings are suitable, which additionally protects the lighting compositions from dust.