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Ball lamps

Do you possibly notice something when you stand in your garden? The lawn may be cut, the bushes trimmed, and even on the terrace everything looks neat, but as soon as evening falls, there is hardly anything left of all this. There is a lack of proper garden lighting, which will not only showcase your green space, but also provide an aesthetically pleasing decoration. In this case, outdoor globe lamps are just what you need! In our online store, we carry a wide range of different products, manufacturers and accessories. No matter what you are looking for - surely there is a suitable model for you. Whether questions about delivery, shipping, the price or our articles: Our friendly service will gladly provide you with further information if needed.

What are spherical lights?

The round garden lights in our range are designed as outdoor lights and always have a round shape, which is, however, partially flattened to guarantee a stable stand. Individual models are also supplied with a ground spike, which serves as a kind of base on which the ball light can be mounted. The lights are made of robust materials such as plastic or metal and are therefore equipped for all weather conditions. As illuminants, high-quality LEDs are used, which not only shine brightly, but are also environmentally friendly, which is additionally reinforced by the solar function of many light globes.

The various models are also available in many colors and appear mostly in a plain white, gray, black or anthracite. In addition, our online store also has copies, which shine due to a colored LED, for example, in green, blue, red or yellow.

Where are the balls suitable?

With a luminous sphere you can - depending on the diameter - almost every corner of your outdoor area shine in a new light. Due to their robust manufacturing, the lamps are not necessarily bound to a covered place and can be easily cleaned from dust, dirt or leaves thanks to their easy-care surface. The following places are the most suitable for the placement of such a lamp:

  • In the garden as an appropriate lighting for the green area. 
  • In a flowerbed to highlight and showcase certain plants. 
  • On the terrace as a decoration and companion during a warm summer night.
  • At the driveway to mark it clearly visible to visitors.
  • In the entrance area instead of wall lights or ceiling lights, so that you and your guests are never in the dark.

How are the ball lights attached?

Due to the flattened place, it is possible to easily place the ball light on lawn, earth or paving stones. Since the majority of copies are powered by solar, you do not have to make the location of the lamp dependent on the availability of a power source. Some light compositions also have an enclosed ground spike, which can be used in a variety of ways. With the help of this accessory, you can not only fix the lights deep in the ground or in sand, but also ensure a secure hold of the garden lamp in a gravel bed.

Which protection class is the right one?

Since you are installing your globe light outdoors on your property, you should always make sure that your light has the appropriate protection rating. This is indicated by the abbreviation IP ("International Protection") and two subsequent numbers. The first number always stands for protection against foreign bodies and dust, while the second digit indicates immunity to water. For models that are permanently exposed to external conditions due to a lack of roofing, several degrees of protection are suitable, which depend on the exact location of the lamp.

With IP44 you choose the standard protection class for lamps that are mounted outside. This means that they are protected against small foreign bodies as well as splashing water from all sides. In the event that jet water from the hose hits the outdoor lamp, on the other hand, the IP45 rating is suitable. On gravel or sandy paths, the IP65 and IP66 ratings are suitable, which additionally protects the luminous compositions from dust.