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Ground spotlights outside

In order to design and decorate your property in an appealing way, it is not done with some garden furniture and figurines. Especially at night, these objects hardly come into their own, insofar as they are not sufficiently illuminated. Luminous objects appropriately set the scene outside all the furnishings for the garden and provide the necessary orientation. In order to set accents on green areas or paving stones, ground spotlights are extremely suitable. The small and rather inconspicuous recessed lights give your garden a unique atmosphere, which is particularly effective on balmy summer nights. In addition to these lamps that are mounted outside, our online store also has a wide range of products that leave nothing to be desired in terms of various lighting compositions. Whether outdoor ceiling lamps, outdoor wall lamps, outdoor table people or outdoor floor lamps as well as all accessories - with us you will find the right model for every taste and budget. Do you have questions regarding delivery, shipping or price? Our friendly service will be happy to advise you and provide you with further information if required.

What are ground recessed spotlights for outdoor use?

The lamps are available in different, optical designs. For example, many models look like classic spots, which have a movable light body and can therefore be flexibly adjusted. The illuminant used is always a powerful and environmentally friendly LED. Most of the models are supplied with a ground spike, which allows the lamp to be installed in lawn and soil, but also in gravel, and the installation depth can be determined individually. A similar mounting accessory is also available in the scope of delivery of flat ground recessed spotlights, which are even more inconspicuous and can be inserted into the ground almost at ground level. This means that they can be driven over and will not come to harm even if they come under the wheels of a car.

Since the spots themselves do not represent the main character of your green spaces, but rather ensure that other objects are adequately illuminated, they are available in rather plain colors. Models in silver, black or anthracite are therefore quite common. To withstand all weather conditions, the spots are made of durable materials such as robust plastic, stainless steel or aluminum. Some models have the function of changing their light color and - depending on your preference - shine, for example, red or green in addition to cold or warm white. In addition, some models are dimmable, equipped with a solar function or a motion detector.

For what purpose are the spotlights installed?

Ground recessed spotlights for green areas do not have an extravagant or particularly unusual look that attracts all eyes. Rather, their task is to ensure adequate lighting of garden furniture, sculptures or plants such as trees. In doing so, they create a pleasant ambience in the otherwise dark exterior of your property and highlight special objects separately with their bright light. For example, a garden shed or a wall can be optimally staged by means of small accents. However, on the edge of a path or in the yard, recessed spotlights also increase safety and ensure that nasty trip hazards won't be your downfall thanks to outdoor lighting.

Where are the spots suitable?

There are several places within your property that are suitable for installing ground spotlights. In this case, the spots can be used either individually or in several models next to each other - depending on which area or object you want to illuminate. The following locations for such a recessed ground light prove to be particularly useful: 

  • In a flowerbed, to set off plants separately. 
  • In front of a wall to make it stand out for safety reasons 
  • On the terrace in demarcation to the green area of your property 
  • In the driveway to mark the yard and entrance area for guests 
  • As pathway lights to stylishly illuminate gravel or paved pathways

Which protection class should you choose?

Paying attention to the correct protection class is essential with regard to an installation of floor spotlights in the open air. It consists of the abbreviation IP ("International Protection") and two digits, whereby the first number stands for the protection against foreign bodies and dust. The second number, on the other hand, represents the resistance to water. The IP44 protection class is the standard protection class for outdoor luminaires and is completely sufficient in most cases. sufficient. However, if there is a possibility that the spotlights will come into contact with jet water from the from the garden hose, you should rather go for IP45 in order to protect the protect the luminaire and the LED. With the classes IP65 and IP66 the ground recessed luminaires are additionally protected against dust and can therefore also be installed as installed as path lights.