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Not only inside your four walls, such as in the living room, lighting compositions provide a pleasant ambience as well as comprehensive brightness. Also in the outdoor area of your home there are numerous possibilities to set the green areas, paths, flower beds and furniture in scene with an aesthetic lamp. In doing so, the lights not only look chic, they also increase safety in the dark and put any stumbling block out of action. Inasmuch as you are looking for a universal and beautiful lamp for the outdoor area of your property, you will be delighted with floor lamps in sphere look. The simple light compositions will fit almost any style and will perfectly set off your garden or paved paths. In addition to these lighting compositions, you will also find in our online store, if you are interested in outdoor lights, ceiling lights, pendant lights, wall lights or table lights. can inspire. We have a wide range of products and are sure to have the perfect model and accessories for every taste and budget. Do you have questions about shipping, delivery, specific brands or one of our products? Our friendly service will be happy to advise you and provide you with more information upon request.

What is a globe floor lamp?

A globe style floor lamp represents a puristic and modern lamp for the outdoor area of a property. It mostly consists of a long base made of metal such as stainless steel or brass. Its height can be more than one meter. At the top of it there is a round shade. This glass sphere is occasionally also made of resistant plastic, so that the lights can easily withstand any weather conditions. Inside the shade, the light source is installed in the form of a powerful LED, which not only shines brightly, but also proves to be durable and thus environmentally friendly. The lamps are basically kept in rather plain colors such as black, white, silver or anthracite, although thanks to your stylish design they are universally applicable and suitable for almost any area.

Functional or decorative - what should it be?

Spherical floor lamps are purchased based on two different purposes: For a functional or a decorative application. If you decide on the former, the most important thing is that the lamp has a bright and far-reaching light. This will ensure that the lamps illuminate a path holistically and thus sufficiently light up your entrance area. This will allow you to spot not only nasty stumbling blocks, but also icy surfaces that are as slippery as mirrors in the winter. In addition, you should definitely pay attention to an integrated motion detector. This causes your lamp to detect when a person approaches and then activates automatically. This has not only advantages for yourself - uninvited guests are often deterred by this function.
Insofar as you are more interested in a decorative ball floor lamp, the above features of the lamp do not play too big a role. Here it depends more on your personal taste: What color of light do you prefer? Should it be a simple specimen or yet a light composition with decorated glass ball? Does the LED have to be dimmable? These and other questions you should ask yourself before buying such a light to find the perfect model for you.

Where can spherical floor lamps be used?

The fields of application for such a floor lamp are almost unlimited. Any conceivable place of your outdoor space can be visually enhanced or made safer by such a luminous composition. The following places turn out to be the typical positions of a ball floor lamp:

  • On the terrace, to accompany balmy summer nights next to a table lamp with a pleasant illumination.
  • In the garden, which thanks to the floor lamp as well as a visually appealing illumination is set in scene
  • On the fence to mark the entrance to your house for guests
  • As a path light to guide you safely to the house entrance

What protection rating should you choose?

Your ball light with base will find a place outside, so it will face a variety of weather conditions around the clock. For this reason, you should always pay attention to the appropriate protection class (IP) of your luminaire, which is always marked with two digits. The first number stands for protection against foreign bodies and dust, while the second digit indicates immunity to water. For models that are permanently exposed to external conditions due to a lack of roofing, several protection classes are suitable, which depend on the exact location of the lamp.

With IP44 you choose the standard protection class for light compositions mounted outside. Thus, they are protected against small foreign bodies and splashing water from all sides. If occasionally jet water from the garden hose hits the glass, on the other hand, the code IP45 is suitable. On gravel or sandy paths, the IP65 and IP66 ratings are suitable, which additionally protects the lighting compositions from dust.

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