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Outdoor table lamps

Where better to spend balmy summer evenings with friends than on your patio at home? A few cool drinks, quiet music and a relaxed ambience are the key to a great get-together. In addition to a handful of chairs and a table, other furniture such as lamps are essential for setting the right mood after dark - they're what make such evenings special. With outdoor table lamps you wrap your terrace in a breathtaking light and thus prepare your guests a cozy atmosphere that invites them to linger. At the same time, the luminous objects not only pleasantly illuminate the scenery, but also look chic on top of it. In addition to lighting compositions like these, our online store offers you a diverse range of products and leaves nothing to be desired. Thus, we also have many models of an outdoor ceiling light, outdoor wall lights or outdoor floor lamps as well as accessories and hold thereby for every taste and budget a suitable model ready. Do you have questions about shipping, delivery or the price of one of our products? Our friendly service will be happy to advise you and provide you with further information on request.

What are outdoor table lamps?

The home accessories for outdoor use usually turn out rather small and - as the name already suggests - are often placed on tables. In terms of their appearance, the lamps cover almost all imaginable styles. Whether classic in lantern form, with or without lampshade, playful, puristic or maritime - the range from which you can choose leaves nothing to be desired. Most models come rather plain and are available in colors such as silver, black or white. Just as variable as their appearance are the materials from which the light objects are made. Thus, some models are made of glass, plastic or metal and thus defy all weather conditions. The light source is always an efficient LED, while some models also have a solar function and work without batteries, rechargeable batteries or electricity from the socket. In some cases, you can also adjust the light color of your table lamp according to your wishes, to provide the right ambience at any time. Also available are models that can shine in multiple colors.

Where can the table lamps be placed?

In the case of such a model, it is natural to install the lighting composition on the home garden or patio table. Thus, it definitely serves its purpose and is by no means out of place. However, there are other places that are suitable for the placement of these lights and may serve you as inspiration: 

  • If available - on the balcony at home, to give it a pleasant ambience. 
  • On the patio floor, to add small accents of light there
  • On a ledge or wall, so that they can be seen even in darkness
  • On a staircase to eliminate tripping hazards
  • At the edge of paved paths to serve as a pathway light
  • As lighting for side tables, to appropriately showcase them as well

What protection ratings should you choose?

In order to achieve the longest possible service life for your table lamp as well as its LED, you should pay attention to the appropriate protection class of your lamp before purchasing it. The different protection classes are represented by the abbreviation IP and two subsequent numbers. The first number stands for protection against foreign bodies and dust, while the second digit indicates immunity to water. For specimens that are permanently exposed to various weather conditions, several protection classes are suitable, which in turn depend on the exact location of the lamp.

With IP44, the table lamp is protected against small foreign bodies, as well as splashing water from all sides. In most cases, this protection class is perfectly adequate. However, if the lamp is located in the middle of the garden, it may come into contact with jet water from the garden hose. In this case, the IP45 rating is suitable, which ensures better protection. If there is gravel or sand near the light composition due to a laid path, you should choose IP65 or IP66 protection. This will protect the specimens from the penetration of dust.