Outdoor wall lights

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Is your yard or driveway missing the final touch to complete the property? In this case, outdoor wall sconces at the entrance are suitable as a visual highlight, while they incidentally also increase the safety in front of your house.

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Outdoor wall lights

Is your yard or driveway lacking the finishing touches to finally round out the property? In this case, outdoor wall lights at the entrance area are suitable as a visual highlight, while incidentally they also increase the safety in front of your house. Likewise, these lighting compositions are suitable on the terrace as well as in the garden and set certain pieces of furniture or areas in scene. In our online store you will find a wide selection of outdoor lights, which is stylistically diversified and guaranteed to leave nothing to be desired. Regardless of your taste, budget or the purpose of the outdoor light - with us you will also find the right specimen and accessories for you with fast shipping and at a great price!

What models are available? 

With regard to the different types of outdoor wall lights, there are almost no limits. The light compositions vary in their color (such as black, white or anthracite), shape and also the light color (for example, warm white). If you choose a model with LED, you will enjoy the lamp for a particularly long time. However, the long service life is only one example of the many advantages that this illuminant offers. Since an outdoor lamp must also withstand extreme weather conditions, they are mainly made of robust materials such as aluminum or stainless steel, which also look very noble and high-quality. 

Furthermore, the light compositions differ in terms of light emission. Depending on the nature and shape of the outdoor wall lamp, it illuminates the surroundings in a certain way. Spotlights with an opening on the top and bottom of the housing put the focus through the light on the wall itself, while a classic lantern has a higher range. 

For what purposes are outdoor wall lights suitable?

One of the many applications of a wall light is the security of your front door. Also, the light compositions can already be installed outside at the property boundary to mark the courtyard entrance and to make the approach easier for yourself and your guests. Even supposedly banal obstacles such as finding the keyhole of your front door at night will be much easier thanks to a bright and at the same time aesthetic outdoor lighting. If you are considering buying an outdoor wall light for this purpose, it is also highly recommended to choose a model with an integrated motion detector. This automatically detects your arrival and activates the lighting of the entrance area in good time. What's more, this additional function helps to protect the environment - killing three birds with one stone. 

In addition to this purpose, which is limited to security, you can of course also use wall luminaires for visual reasons or to stage certain areas of your property. Due to the sometimes eye-catching shape and color of the lamps, they are, in addition to the objects they set in scene, also an eye-catcher themselves. In order to save electricity, a specimen with a motion detector is also conceivable in this case, but not absolutely necessary.

What to consider during installation?

The exterior walls of your house should meet some criteria so that you can attach the appropriate lights to them with a clear conscience. Below, we have listed some tips on this subject, so that nothing will stand in the way of the use of your lighting composition: 

  • The surface intended for mounting must be in good condition. Thus, it should not be porous, nor have cracks, holes or similar damage, so that the light is guaranteed to get a secure hold.
  • Save on drilling holes for the outdoor wall light. Each additional hole takes away a bit of stability from the wall and also has a negative effect on the appearance. Therefore, consider beforehand exactly where drill holes are needed and where not.
  • For clinkered, rough house walls: Level the surface with a mason's hammer before installation. This prevents the support plate from protruding from the wall, which also prevents moisture from penetrating the housing.

What type of protection should you choose?

Due to the fact that outdoor wall lights are exposed to any weather conditions around the clock, the right type of protection for this type of lamp is very important. This consists of the abbreviation IP ("International Protection") and two digits. The first number defines the immunity to foreign bodies and dust, while the second number indicates the protection against water. For example, the following variants are suitable for outdoor wall lights: 

  • IP44: This protection class, which is the most common, protects the luminaire against small foreign bodies with a diameter of one millimeter or more, as well as against splashing water from all sides
  • IP54: Instead of small foreign bodies, luminaires are protected against dust. Moreover, splashing water also does not damage the lamp.