Ball-shaped lamps

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Ball lights - round and bright like the sun

Spherical lights illuminate the surroundings on any wall with their beautiful, noble and round appearance. With the integrated motion detectors, you just put a step in front of the door in the outdoor area and the outdoor lights go on at lightning speed. Whether you use a ball light as a garden light with or without a ground spike or for indoors - in our online store, various ball lights are ready so that the light comes on quickly with you.

What are globe lights and where are they used?

A globe lamp from ETC brings full luminosity into your own four walls as an indoor lamp and is also cost-effective, as the energy-saving LED bulbs have very low energy consumption. Since they consume even less power than energy saving lights, they are perfect for intensive continuous use.

Whether indoors or outdoors as garden lights on the patio - a globe light also attracts attention as an outdoor light in any garden with its round housing. Thereby you have the free choice: Should it be a globe light with warm or cold color temperature? For every season, we have a wide range of shades on offer, with which you will not be sitting in the dark for long. The long life of some models is even around 50,000 hours.

Tip: For long and intensive use, we also recommend our environmentally friendly solar lights in round design. Like small suns, these efficiently use sunlight for their luminosity.

What material are ETC's globe lights made of?

LED wall lights are often made of sturdy aluminum as well as stainless steel, and their timeless silver finish enhances the ambiance of any home. In the manufacturing process, these valuable metals are often used, because they are extremely heat-resistant as real long-lasting lamps and shield the high temperatures of the illuminants very well. In addition, their rust-free nature prevents premature corrosion, which is why the lamps are suitable for wind and weather.

Some of our globe lights are made of plastic, which provides numerous lighting accents at a reasonable price. This material is used, for example, in spherical lights whose light shines from the inside to the outside through the holes of the open sphere. Depending on the outline and processing of the plastic, beautiful shadow patterns are created, which become a real eye-catcher on any porch and in the surrounding area. Due to their practical and handy size with low weight, assembly becomes a breeze.

How well protected are globe lights?

Each lamp has a certain degree of protection, which is marked with the help of the IP numbering system "Ingress Protection" (IP). This is especially important for outdoor lamps, so that they remain intact at all times in bad weather conditions.

In the description of the product for your desired lamp, pay particular attention to the code numbers of the degree of protection. The first number stands for protection against foreign bodies and contact, while the second digit indicates the degree of protection against water and moisture. Among others, we carry items with the following degrees of protection in our assortment:

  • IP44: These products are protected against contact with tools and wires larger than one millimeter ("first 4") and additionally against water on all sides ("second 4").
  • IP45: The "5" makes these lamps safe against water jets from all directions.
  • IP65: There is a complete protection against contact by the marked "6", which also completely protects against dust ingress.
  • IP66: The second "6" indicates that these models can withstand strong jets of water, making them ideal for outdoor use even in rainy weather.

Ball lights accessories

If you want to quickly flash not only the popular ceiling lights, but also your own light ball, you can find the right light source for LED, tube or vintage lamps in our diverse online store. The modern and classic diodes can be easily replaced if necessary and can be easily screwed into any lamp. Just pay attention to the specifications of the diameter, base, bulb type, etc. and your lamp will light up in no time.

For colorful and extra atmospheric occasions, we also recommend our RGB color changer lamps that can be conveniently controlled by remote. Whether in white, green, blue, red, etc. - the dimmable light colors provide the ideal feel-good ambience in any place.

Buy sphere lights online in ETC store

You want a light as a globe for the garden or beautify your interior spaces with solar lights in different colors? Our experts on the subject of lighting and lamps from ETC will be happy to help you in word and deed. We are at your disposal both for the purchase of suitable wall lamps and for the right design lights, for example, hanging from the ceiling as large pendant lights. Contact our professionals with many years of professional experience and we will bring light into the darkness with helpful information.