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Wall spotlight outside

The way from the car to the front door can be adventurous, especially in the dark. In many yards, treacherous tripping hazards such as steps or an uneven surface are the order of the day. This is not only dangerous for you as the owner, but especially for your guests, who are often ignorant and therefore exposed to a corresponding hazard. To prevent potential accidents, the benefits of an outdoor wall spotlight are excellent. They not only illuminate your driveway holistically, but at the same time ensure that you can quickly find the keyhole even in the dark. In addition to these practical lighting designs, you will find a wide selection of interior lights and other outdoor lights in our online store. For example, we carry outdoor floor lamps, outdoor ceiling lights, recessed lights and outdoor table lamps, as well as accessories. Our diverse range has a suitable model for every taste and budget, so that no wishes remain unfulfilled. Do you have questions regarding technical topics such as wattage, light color or color temperature? Our friendly service will be happy to assist you and provide you with further information on delivery, shipping or shipping costs.

What are outdoor wall lights?

Wall luminaires for outdoor use are classified as functional lighting. They increase the security around the entrance area of your property and also ensure that you can find your way around your front door after dark. Since these lights are not decorative lighting structures, they mostly come in plain shades such as black, white or silver. The lampshade is made of durable materials such as stainless steel, aluminum or sturdy plastic, so the lighting structure can withstand extreme weather conditions at any time. As a light source of the lamp is an efficient and environmentally friendly LED installed, which ensures a good view through its bright light. In part, the spotlights come with useful additional features. Thus, some models are swiveling, have a motion and twilight sensor or a solar function, whereby the lamp supplies itself with power thanks to the sunlight.

What can the wall lamp be used for?

These light compositions serve functional purposes, not decorative ones. This means that they are installed inside your yard, where they will increase safety for you and your guests. For example, the motion detector that is integrated in some cases ensures that the outdoor lighting activates automatically as soon as you enter its immediate vicinity. This makes the use of such a lighting design even more convenient and practical for its owner. The wall lamp not only prevents you from stumbling into tripping hazards within your yard, but also makes opening the mailbox or front door a mammoth task in the dark. Also, the effect of the light source on burglars should not be underestimated. The sudden brightness suggests to them that they are being watched, which will not infrequently send the unwanted visitor fleeing.

Where to install outdoor wall spotlights?

Within your yard, there are several places that are suitable for mounting such a lamp. In the case of solar models, you should make sure to install them in such a way that the sunlight can hit the corresponding panels of the lamp unhindered. The following options are available for placing an outdoor wall lamp:
Next to your front door, to guide you safely into your home and make small keyholes visible
Near your garage, so you can park your car inside without risk of an accident
In the immediate vicinity of your driveway to make it visible to guests

What types of protection are available?

Since this wall spotlight is an outdoor light, you should definitely pay attention to the appropriate protection class of the specimen, so that the highest possible service life of the model can be achieved. Protection classes are described by the abbreviation IP, as well as two code numbers. The first number represents immunity to foreign bodies and dust, while the second number represents resistance to water. Since the outdoor wall spotlights are sometimes exposed to extreme weather conditions around the clock and are sometimes placed more protected, sometimes unprotected, different protection classes are suitable.

Thanks to the IP44 class, the spotlight is protected against small foreign bodies, as well as splashing water from all sides. If the lamp was installed in close proximity to the garden, the model may be hit by jet water from the garden hose. In this case, the type IP45 is suitable. If there is gravel or sand in the immediate vicinity of the wall lamp due to an appropriate path, you should choose the IP65 or IP66 types of protection. These protect the lamps as well as the LED inside from dust penetration.