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Wall lantern

Suitable lighting plays a crucial role not only inside your four walls. The outdoor area of your property also benefits immensely from tasteful lighting compositions that can be mounted in many different places. A wall lantern screwed to the exterior wall of your home is particularly aesthetically pleasing, creating an inviting ambiance at your front door. However, the lights not only look chic, they also increase safety in complete darkness, thus eliminating nasty stumbling blocks like a stair step. In addition to timeless wall lanterns, our online store has a variety of other products. So you can also choose an outdoor ceiling lamp, floor lamps for outside or outdoor table lamps and corresponding accessories. No matter which lamps you are enthusiastic about: We have guaranteed the perfect model for every budget and taste ready. Do you have questions regarding delivery time, shipping, shipping costs or one of our articles? Our friendly service will be happy to advise you and provide you with more information if needed.

What are wall lanterns?

A wall lantern represents an illuminated composition that can be screwed to the outside of a building and illuminate specific areas. Since it is mostly used outdoors, it is made of robust and resistant materials such as stainless steel, aluminum or other metal, as well as glass. Behind the latter is mounted the illuminant, which is always represented by a long-lasting and thus environmentally friendly LED

Such an outdoor wall lamp is available in various styles, so you can choose a model that best suits yourself and your property. For example, you can choose specimens in antique or country style made of brass or copper, classic lanterns, rustic and nostalgic objects, or elegant wall sconces that come along a little playful. The color scheme of a wall lantern can usually be described as rather plain. Tones such as silver, gray, black or white are common - depending on the material. To make outdoor lights as user-friendly as possible, some models have additional features. For example, thanks to a wall lamp with a twilight sensor, you can save electricity, while an integrated motion detector will save you from having to turn on the lamp manually.

For what purpose are these lamps suitable?

Basically, similar to ceiling lights, a wall lamp can be installed based on two intentions: Either, it serves a decorative, visual purpose or it is intended to increase safety in your yard. If the former comes into question for you, you can refrain from special additional functions of the lights if necessary, as these are more important for the safety of you as well as your guests. Instead, the lanterns will accompany you through a cozy evening on the terrace or in the garden, appropriately illuminating your surroundings and creating a pleasant ambience.

In as much as you have a functional purpose in installing a wall lamp, additional features such as a motion detector are very practical. The outdoor wall light activates itself as soon as you approach it and makes trip hazards or the keyhole of your front door visible even in complete darkness. Uninvited guests, on the other hand, are deterred, as the outdoor lighting suggests that they are under surveillance.

Where can the wall lanterns be installed? 

A variety of different places are suitable for the installation of such a lamp. You should only make sure that the wall on which you want to mount the lantern is suitable for this purpose. The following options are available to you for mounting: 

  • Next to the front door, to increase safety and expose tripping hazards.
  • On walls next to the patio, to provide atmospheric light
  • On exterior walls of your house, along which a path runs
  • Next to windows or a balcony to accentuate and highlight it

Which protection classes should you choose?

A wall lantern belongs to the categories of lights that are mounted outdoors and are therefore exposed to a wide variety of weather conditions at all times. Therefore, you should pay attention to the appropriate protection class (IP) of your luminaire, which is indicated by two subsequent digits. The first number represents protection against small foreign objects and dust, while the second digit represents immunity to water. For models that are permanently exposed to external conditions due to a lack of roofing, different protection ratings are suitable, which depend on the exact location of the lamp.

IP44 represents the standard protection rating for lighting compositions installed outside. Thus, they are protected against small foreign bodies and splashing water from all sides. If occasionally jet water from the garden hose hits the glass, you should choose the code IP45. On dusty or sandy paths, the IP65 and IP66 ratings are suitable, with which the outdoor lamp is additionally protected against dust.

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