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Step lights

Around your own home, especially in the dark, lurk many different trip hazards. These can be, for example, unevenness in the floor such as edges or sculptures that are inconveniently placed. By far the biggest danger, however, is steps. You could either trip over them or fall down the steps, which can happen frequently at night. To eliminate this tripping hazard, you should install a light that makes the stairs visible even in the dark and increases safety for you and your guests. Step lights are excellent for this purpose, as they are installed and set up right next to the stairs. Due to their brightness, recessed lights will save you from accidents and also set the staircase appropriately in scene. If you are enthusiastic about other outdoor lights such as table lamps, floor lamps, wall lights or ceiling lights as well as suitable accessories, the wide range of products in our online store will surely appeal to you. We offer suitable items for every taste and budget - whether classic, playful, showy or discreet. Do you have further questions regarding shipping, shipping costs, delivery, different manufacturers or one of our products? Our friendly service will be happy to help you in all matters and will of course provide you with further information upon request.

What is a step light?

Such a lamp is a wall lamp, which are mounted near the steps of the stairs. It is a functional step lighting, which should make your property safer and appropriately highlight the stairs. Therefore, the lamps appear in a rather plain appearance. Their shape is mostly long and rectangular or circular, and the models are available in plain colors like white or gray. They are made of sturdy plastic, which is extremely durable and can withstand any weather conditions, even in the open air. The light source inside is an extremely efficient and environmentally friendly LED. It emits a bright light in warm white or white, which reliably draws your attention to stairs and accompanies you safely across your property. An integrated motion detector makes the stair lighting even more intuitive. Thus, it already activates when a person approaches the step light from a distance. This function proves to be extremely energy-saving, because the lights are thus not continuously active.

What advantages do the lamps offer?

Step lamps have extensive advantages. The recessed wall light is easy to install and can be put into operation in no time. In addition, they are an enormous safety factor for your property, from which not only you benefit, but also your guests. At the same time, the models including LED are extremely discreet, very space-saving and thus do not seem disturbing. Lastly, their appearance proves to be discreet, yet elegant, so that a visual factor is also one of the reasons for buying such a model.

In what places can an LED step light be installed?

Since step lights have the characteristics of wall lamps, they cannot be installed on freestanding stairs. Instead, there should be a wall to the left or right that provides enough space for installation. The following places are suitable for installation: 

  • In the yard, to eliminate unexpected tripping hazards. 
  • Near the patio to protect your guests and yourself from accidents.
  • In front of the front door, to make this area safer.
  • In the garden, so that any stairs can be used even in the dark.
  • In the garage, if it is not at ground level and should be pointed out separately.

What types of protection should you choose? 

Staircase lighting is always installed outside. For this reason, you should definitely pay attention to the appropriate protection class of your model. This consists of the abbreviation IP and two numbers. The first digit indicates immunity to foreign bodies and dust. Meanwhile, the second number represents protection against water. Four different types of protection are available for outdoor installations. With IP44, you opt for the standard protection class of outdoor lamps. This means that the models are protected against smaller foreign bodies and splashing water from all sides. If the staircase is in close proximity to the garden, the lighting could be hit by jets of water from the hose. In this case, the IP45 class is more suitable. Meanwhile, close to gravel or sand paths, you should choose IP65 or IP66 protection, which makes the recessed wall light immune to dust.