Torch lights outdoor

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Torch lights outdoor

To ensure that you and your guests can move around your property as safely and unrestrictedly as possible, it's important to eliminate as many tripping hazards as possible. In many yards, there are nasty steps, edges or similar obstacles that can be easily overlooked, especially in complete darkness. To prevent this from happening in the future, it is recommended that you install appropriate light sources in your yard. One type of lighting structure that is perfectly suitable for this purpose are torch lights for outdoor use. These lamps prove to be extremely space-saving, efficient and reliable. By installing them, you will increase the security of your property and also ensure that you will never have to spend a lot of time looking for the keyhole for the door or the mailbox. In addition to this type of lights, we have a wide selection of other high-quality outdoor lights at an affordable price in our online store. Among other things, you can choose between table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lights or wall lights, as well as for matching accessories. Whether you prefer classic, minimalist, ostentatious or playful lighting designs: we offer a suitable specimen for every taste and budget. Do you have questions about shipping, shipping costs, delivery or any of our products? Our friendly service will be happy to advise you and provide you with further information if needed.

What is a torch light?

This wall light is a functional lamp designed to increase the safety of your outdoor area and in the garden. They are designed to be appropriately simple and come in subtle colors like silver, black or anthracite. To withstand any outdoor weather conditions, the models are made of metal such as stainless steel as well as sturdy plastic. This type of lamp gets its name because of its shape. Since the models are beveled at the bottom, they are mounted on the wall in an inclined position. This makes them visually reminiscent of torches, which in earlier times were also placed in a holder slightly tilted forward. Inside the models is installed as a light source powerful and environmentally friendly LED, which provides reliable lighting with its bright light. To increase the user-friendliness of the wall lamps, most specimens come with useful additional functions. They often have an integrated motion detector, which immediately activates the lamp when a person approaches it.

What is such a torch intended for?

With a wall torch, the functional purpose is in the foreground. This means that the models are intended and suitable rather less as a decorative element. They are mainly installed near the entrance area of your property to provide increased security there in the dark. Among other things, the models make visible small steps, treacherous edges or even the path through the front garden and activate themselves when approached. However, the torch including LED also provides more security on your property when you are not present. If unwanted visitors approach your house, the lights activate, suggesting presence and the feeling of being under surveillance. This often beats burglars to the punch.

Where can a torch light be used?

We recommend installing a wall torch within your entryway or as garden lighting. However, the lamp can also look great near your patio and do its job. The following places are suitable for installation:

  • In the area of your yard, where the lamps will accompany you to your entrance area including the front door.
  • On a wall or wall near your driveway to make it visible to guests from a distance in the dark.
  • In the entryway, to make it easy to find hard-to-see areas in the dark, like a keyhole.
  • On the terrace, to accompany a cozy summer evening with pleasant light.
  • As a garden torch, so that partial areas such as a bed, decorative elements or a pond are appropriately set in scene.

What protection classes are suitable?

Such a lamp, like solar lights, is a copy for outdoor use. Therefore, you should definitely pay attention to a suitable protection class of your model. This is always represented by the abbreviation IP and two code numbers. The first number indicates immunity to foreign bodies and dust, while the second digit symbolizes protection against water. In the case of an installation made in the open air, there are four different types of protection. IP44 is the standard protection class for outdoor luminaires. This protects them against small foreign bodies as well as splashing water from all sides. For garden lights that could be hit by jets of water from the hose, on the other hand, class IP45 is more suitable. In the immediate vicinity of gravel or sand paths, you should choose the IP65 or IP66 protection class, which makes the lighting structures immune to dust.