Pendant lights

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Pendant lights

The living rooms represent the heart of your own four walls. Here you can sit with family and friends and spend quality time together. However, in addition to the living room, which is often the largest room in a house, the dining room is also one of the rooms that serve as a lounge. After all, this is also where you spend a lot of time. Eating together with your family, telling each other about the day and old stories and laughing cannot be replaced by anything. Therefore, it is all the more important that a pleasant and cozy atmosphere prevails in the dining area. However, you can't achieve this with a fancy table and comfortable chairs alone, because an appropriate light source is indispensable for the dining area. For this purpose, so-called pendant lights are ideal. The luminous compositions hanging from the ceiling provide a warm and cozy light, which invites you to linger longer at the dining table. If you are enthusiastic about other interior lights and accessories, it is worth taking a look at our online store. The large selection has, among other things, ceiling lights, wall lights, chandeliers, table lamps and floor lamps at an affordable price with high quality. Do you have any further questions about shipping, delivery, special novelties or any of our products? Our friendly service will be happy to advise you and provide you with more information if needed.

What are pendant lamps?

Pendant lights are lamps that are mounted on the ceiling and hang down from it. They usually consist of a metal plate, which is used to fix the model, several cables for one lighting element each, as well as the corresponding light sources. These are made of materials such as glass or metal and can turn out in many different colors, such as white, black or anthracite. In addition, some light constructions appear elongated as well as cylindrical, while others are spherical. The size of the specimens also varies from model to model. Since often several lighting elements are integrated into one pendant lamp, they are also called "flame". There are lights that are offered up to six-flame. Inside each of them is installed LED as a light source, which is not only powerful and efficient, but also environmentally friendly. Some models also come with special additional features. For example, they are dimmable and height-adjustable, can be controlled with a remote control or switched on and off by touch.

Where are pendant lights suitable?

A pendant lamp is basically designed for the dining area. There, you can mount the model above the tabletop, so that the pendant lamp provides cozy lighting and a pleasant ambience during meals. However, a pendant lamp can also be installed anywhere you want to illuminate a table or countertop. Among other places, couch or sofa tables, as well as a counter in the kitchen are ideal for this purpose.

What should you pay attention to during installation?

With a pendant luminaire, it is necessary that the model is firmly connected and screwed to the ceiling of the room. Therefore, electrical installations as well as fiddling with cables are not left out. In any case, simple steps such as certain drilling or fixing the light source, you can do yourself. However, as soon as it comes to the electrical installation, you should have it done by a trained expert. This will reduce the risk of injury to yourself. In addition, professional installation can ensure that the pendant light is installed correctly and will remain like new for a long time. The exact positioning and selection of the model should be based on careful consideration. Since a pendant lamp is a secondary lighting for rooms, it illuminates only a small area, which ideally includes the entire table. Therefore, according to the size of the latter, you should find a lighting composition that has a sufficient width. The length of the cables from which individual models with LEDs hang also has a decisive effect on the area that the lamp illuminates. If you choose an unsuitable size or positioning of your copy, it may result in unsightly shadows or insufficient illumination.

How high should install a pendant lamp?

In any case, such a lamp should not be installed too low. Otherwise, you may be disturbed by the lampshades made of glass or metal, or even get in the way with your head. It is recommended to mount it about 60 to 70 centimeters above the tabletop. This also prevents glare from the lighting structure. To achieve such a height, the cables of the hanging lamp may need to be shortened. Some models are conveniently height-adjustable, so that the length of the cables can be changed with a few simple steps.