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Table lamp

In order to be able to work efficiently, concentrated and relaxed, adequate lighting is indispensable. Mere daylight or ceiling lighting is often not enough, for example, to read texts well or to work on homework in the children's room, you need another source of light. Table lamps can help you to cope with everyday work more comfortably and with definitely good visibility. Also as a reading lamp or decorative object, for example, on a dresser next to the mirror or for dining tables, the table lamps cut a fine figure and set the scene for any area as well as furniture. In addition to these lighting compositions, our online store has a wide range of offers, which also includes wall lamps, floor lamps or interior lights and matching accessories. We have a suitable model for every taste at a reasonable price, so you can choose between different styles. Do you have any questions regarding shipping, delivery, shipping costs or any of our products? Our friendly service team will be happy to advise you and provide you with further information if needed.

What is a table lamp?

A table lamp is a small floor lamp that is mostly found on a desk, dresser, side table or nightstand. It serves as a secondary light source that separately emits brightness within a small area. Usually, a table lamp consists of three components: A lampshade including a light source (mostly LED), a stand, as well as the base. The latter in some cases is replaced by special clamps, with which the lighting composition can be attached to a table edge. Depending on the style, the lamp wreath can be, for example, simple in black, white, as well as gray, extravagantly patterned or classically made of wood. Lamps that are particularly suitable as a desk lamp also have a swivel arm, so you can adjust the beam of light as you need it. To ensure that such a lighting composition always provides the right brightness for any occasion, some lights are dimmable and can thus be adjusted according to your own preferences.

What types of table lamps are there?

The range of different table lamps is almost endless. Since they can be used for both decorative and functional purposes, the lighting objects differ especially in their appearance. While simple lamps for desks sometimes even do without a lampshade, for other models it represents the primary recognition feature and decorates the surroundings with its unusual appearance. Thus, in addition to classic table lamps such as the banker lamp, the spectrum of table lamps also includes modern versions such as spot lamps and design lamps or extravagant light rings. Due to this enormous range, the category has every conceivable style for all purposes, so that no wishes remain unfulfilled.

Where are table lamps suitable? 

There are various fields of application for table lamps. Since they can serve both a decorative and a functional purpose, in principle, there are no limits and numerous options for appropriate installation. However, the following places are predestined for the installation of such a luminous object: 

  • At the desk, to allow you to concentrate on your work
  • On the side table in the living room, to create a cozy atmosphere
  • In the bedroom on the bedside table to help you keep your bearings in the dark
  • On a chest of drawers, where the luminous composition captivates above all by its appearance
  • Next to the reading chair or a sofa, where the lamp together with the cushion will provide pleasant reading hours

What should you consider before installation? 

If you plan to use an LED table lamp for functional purposes, you should consider a few points before using the light composition in your everyday life. If the light is placed on your desk, it is advisable to place the table lamp so that it does not disturb you spatially. This means: if you are right-handed, place the luminous object on the left side. If you write with your left hand, the luminous composition will be placed on the right. Also, be careful not to mount the lamp so that it is hit by glaring sunshine in good weather, so that the color of the lampshade remains with you for as long as possible.

If you work for several hours, consider turning on the ceiling lights in addition to the table lamp. This will reduce the contrast between illuminated working environment and the rest of the room, which will have a positive effect on your eyes. Regardless of how you plan to use your table lamp, the recommended luminous flux for this lighting composition. This is always given in lumens and represents how much light a luminous object emits to its surroundings. Since this is area lighting, 300 to 400 lumens is perfectly adequate. With a luminous flux of this level, the lighting can be described as pleasant and warm.

How should a table lamp be cleaned?

Since a table lamp usually stands in the same place for a long period of time, dirt accumulates on it from time to time. If it is merely dusty, it is enough to carefully clean the shade with a vacuum cleaner (on the lowest setting). When doing so, use a brush attachment and keep a little distance from the lamp composition with it, so as not to damage it unintentionally. A fresh duster can also help remove impurities from the lamp crown. If it is a textile lampshade, proceed particularly gently, so that the dirt is not rubbed into the fabric. A method that is suitable only for shades made of textile, but not for paper, is a wet cleaning. To do this, detach the lampshade from all metal components and clean it by hand with a soft brush and detergent. Then you can let the textile shade dry at room temperature.