Street lights 

No sooner have you turned into your street on your way home in the evening than you notice something. It is so dark that your driveway is difficult to see. Also, people crossing the street would easily miss you due to the lack of light, thus endangering them. There is a lack of street lights, which increase the safety in front of your property enormously and also make it easier for outsiders to find their way. In our online store we have a wide range of products from recessed lights to office lighting and hall lights, which includes a variety of lighting compositions and accessories. Here you will surely find the right one for every taste and budget. Would you like to know more about shipping costs, delivery time or one of our products? Our friendly service will be happy to help and provide you with further information and references on request.

What are street lights? 

Street lights are rod-shaped lighting solutions, which are mostly found at the side of an asphalted road. The outdoor luminaires provide increased safety as well as good visibility at night. They are also made of robust and weatherproof materials such as aluminum, while the installed LED additionally guarantees a long service life of the light source. This is a functional spotlight, which is why it is only available in cool white and neutral white light colors. Due to the low blue components of this light temperature, passers-by or motorists are not dazzled and consequently not endangered. Likewise, a nuisance to residents at night and the accumulation of insects around the lamp can be excluded. 
The lamp itself consists of several components: a housing, a closing trough, various operating devices, an optical system as well as the corresponding illuminant. Depending on the application, our store also has models with different levels of luminous flux. In the event that the area to be illuminated is rather small, a model with 3,600 lumens is recommended. A spacious area, on the other hand, is illuminated with street lamps that have more than 12,000 lumens. The scope of delivery includes only the luminaire itself and not a pole, to which the light composition is attached before commissioning. However, this should be done by a professional company, which is familiar with proper lighting control and lighting technology, in order to exclude injury during installation.

Where may street lamps be installed?

Special rules apply to the installation of these luminaires in Germany. The aim is to achieve a wide range of outdoor lighting, which does not illuminate superfluous areas, but provides uniform light. In addition, care must be taken to avoid glare. However, this problem can be prevented by clever light management as well as mirror luminaires. Furthermore, care must be taken to ensure that the light temperature of each lamp is the same in order to avoid irritation. If these regulations are disregarded or only partially fulfilled, so-called camouflage zones can be created. Within these areas, the human eye cannot distinguish between the road itself and objects such as cars or people, which greatly increases the risk of accidents. 
The exact positioning of the pole light also requires precise planning. It depends on the type of road, the prevailing speed limit and the number of lanes. The following guidelines apply to different areas: 

● Multiple lanes: Illuminate the lane that is being traveled the fastest. 
● One-lane roads with two lanes: Light point in the middle of the lane 
● Roadway with median strip: Lighting on both sides, light point on the center of the lane.

Which type of protection is suitable?

A road luminaire is mounted outdoors and is therefore also exposed to extreme weather conditions such as frost, hail or heavy rain. Therefore, it is even more important to pay attention to an appropriate protection class before purchasing. This is indicated by the abbreviation IP ("International Protection") and two digits. The first number stands for protection against foreign bodies and dust, while the second number represents resistance to water. With the IP65 protection class, you are always on the safe side when it comes to reliable street lighting. The lamp is thus protected against water jets and is also dust-proof, which in combination promises a long service life.