You want to turn night into day and no longer unintentionally run into the recently planted bed in the evening because of the darkness? With a solar light stumbling blocks and other obstacles stay away.

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Garden decoration solar - save the environment with solar energy.

You want to turn night into day and in the evening you don't want to walk unintentionally into the recently planted bed because of the darkness? With a solar light, stumbling blocks and other obstacles stay away. The path through the home garden is not only brighter again, but also more beautiful. Decorative lights give the green space an aesthetically impressive look and added value.

Long-lasting lamps for radiant luminosity

Our models are long-lasting, lasting up to 8 hours, and can keep the porch or garden path shining brightly for an entire night. Especially at a party or celebration, beautiful and symbolic shapes as garden decorations spread a lot of pleasure and fun in the evening hours.

Solar lamps work by photovoltaic, converting light energy into electrical energy. In the panel there are individual modules, which consist of connected solar cells. The outer layer has an anti-reflective effect, so that the light rays do not bounce back. Batteries can make the lamps shine for about 6 to 8 hours and a total of between 10000 and 100000 hours of lighting is possib

From B for flower pot to W for wall lamp.

Solar-powered garden decoration provides sparkling and ravishing looks in colorful variety. This is available in the form of numerous shapes, figures and symbols. There quickly becomes the favorite animal such as the rabbit or gecko and a symbol the highlight of the garden. In the ETC online store there is a suitable LED solar model for every purpose.

Flower pots

Why put ordinary flower pots when absorbed sunlight can shine from them? The highlight of any garden is often in the details. The sight of growing flowers such as crocus, lavender, chard and lady's mantle is much more enjoyable.

Garden spotlights

Garden spotlights, which have a natural design, easily blend in with the surrounding vegetation. In stone form, this decoration is not noticeable during the day, while in the evening it provides a bright view. With various models, you create an entire street of light at once, where the lights meet like in a hall of mirrors.

Hanging lights

With portable hanging lamps, you do not just walk through a gloomy forest, but warm up your surroundings. The best way to do this is with a lantern with a fire effect. Warm white and subtle light creates a feel-good ambience in any place.  

Fairy lights

A solar light chain decorates houses and trees as a real eye-catcher especially in winter when snow falls in the dark season. Due to their high flexibility and enormous length, you can also make a Christmas tree on the terrace sparkle brightly. One of our longest chains stretches over 1180 centimeters!

Solar lights

They are versatile and can be used not only outside in the garden area, but also on the balcony, porch, in front of the front door or inside the home. These models are represented by us, for example, a crescent moon with a glass ball, a lotus flower, a Buddha or as a flame.

Floor lamps

In the greenery, a floor lamp with its vintage look creates the feeling of real and wild nature. Also, the design of water pipes gives the garden user a touch of natural freshness in the summer. While the floor lamp shines down its stored sunlight, the flowers continue to grow their way upwards unperturbed.

Tea lights

A tea light with fire effect as a decoration lights up just like real tea lights and candles. It is not only more environmentally friendly, but also less dangerous. If an ordinary candle falls over and starts a fire, it can become a quick danger for nature and living creatures in a place with plants and trees. LED illumination also avoids heat generation, so that - in the already hot summer - it does not become even hotter around the head.

Table lamps

A LED table lamp with fixed bulbs at dinner on the porch gives much more power and joy for the next day. In flame, crescent and oval shapes, these stylish garden accessories are reminiscent of the elemental forces of nature. Using daylight as an energy source, they illuminate their surroundings for between 6 and 8 hours in the dark.

Wall lights

So that a stony wall does not look merely white or bare, wall sconces in various designs, such as bird-shaped or sun-shaped, decorate their surroundings. This immediately makes the house garden look much more lively when the glowing star sparks you from the wall.

Environmentally friendly light bringers in the dark

A solar lamp is much kinder to the environment than a lamp with a power cable and socket. The disadvantage of cable lamps is that you have to dig in the ground to lay cables. In contrast, solar cells, which are made of silicon, store solar energy. Since 27.7% of the earth's crust consists of silicon, and this element is the second most abundant there after oxygen, no valuable resources are wasted in production. 

There is no need to switch the lamp on and off, because it lights up by itself at nightfall. During short nights, such as in the summer, and if the lamp is on long enough, it turns itself off synchronously with the sunrise. With a solar lamp that is in harmony with the light conditions of the sun, one's own conscience also remains clear with regard to environmentally friendly measures.

The devices are optimally protected against foreign bodies with a diameter of more than 1 mm and moisture by their IP44 protection class. Thus, splashing water on all sides with increased pressure can not penetrate into the housing of the model.

Order decorations for the garden online at ETC

Lights can be placed as decorations in a variety of places. However, when placed among flowers and herbs, in solar form, it complements the plant world in a gentle and environmentally friendly way. This no longer requires extensive gardening work and also eliminates the use of long cables that you stumble over. With photovoltaic technology, you don't even have to touch the light to make it shine. So when night falls, you won't forget to turn on the lamp.

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