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You have recently moved into your new home and are now standing in your garden. So far, everything your heart desires is there - but you still have the feeling that the garden seems a bit empty so far.

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Solar Garden Figurines

You have recently moved into your new home and are now standing in your garden. So far, everything your heart desires is available there - nevertheless, you have the feeling that the garden seems a bit empty so far. Especially in the evening, it would be nice if the green area of your house has an element that not only looks appealing, but also illuminates the garden a bit. In this case, a solar-powered decorative figurine is just what you need! The luminous garden decoration combines a beautiful look with an environmentally friendly lamp function and give your green space or your household the finishing touch. In our online store you will find your very own solar light for outdoor use as well as accessories at a reasonable price. Whether classic garden gnomes, animal figures or a Buddha resting in itself - we have something ready for every taste. Do you have any questions regarding delivery, shipping or shipping costs? Please feel free to contact us!

What are the figures made of?

Our solar figures for the garden or balcony are made of plastic or metal. LEDs are used as illuminants. The solar cells, which convert the solar energy into light, are either attached to the figure itself or connected to the light composition by cable. Due to the battery built into the solar panels, it is charged in sunshine and promises luminosity lasting for several hours even in cloudy weather. So your garden gnome, frog or owl always shows itself from the best side! While most sculptures function as standing decorations, some, on the other hand, have appropriate fixtures, allowing you to easily mount your lamp on a wall, similar to a solar lantern.

What makes solar energy stand out?

Solar energy has enjoyed increasing popularity for several years when it comes to lamps. Especially due to its environmentally friendly character, the power of the sun enjoys a good reputation. When you buy one of our solar-powered garden lamps, you are choosing a conventional lamp, which, however, does not need to be connected to a power grid. The built-in solar cells capture the sun's rays during the day and feed them into the integrated battery, which releases the converted energy in the form of light when it gets dark. If the sun rises again the next day, this procedure is repeated and the LED light collects energy again by means of the solar cells, which is stored for a later time.

What types of protection are suitable?

Due to the fact that your solar garden figurine will be used outdoors, it is of great importance that you pay attention to a suitable protection class for your light. This is represented by the abbreviation IP ("International Protection") and two numbers. The first number indicates protection against foreign bodies and dust, while the second number stands for resistance to water. For solar-powered sculptures, the correct protection rating depends on where you want to place your lamp.

  • IP44: For a luminous outdoor garden decoration, this protection class represents the standard and also occurs most often. Hereby your luminous garden figurine is protected against small foreign bodies and splashing water.
  • IP45: In the garden, your figurine may occasionally be exposed to jet water from the water hose. With the second digit "5", the sculpture is also protected against this.
  • IP65, IP66: At the edge of a gravel or sandy path, it can sometimes be dusty. Therefore, when placing near the edge of a path, it makes sense to choose types of protection with a "6" at the beginning, so that the decoration is additionally immune to dust.