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Decorative lights

Garden In addition to the interior decoration of their own four walls, many owners also have to deal with the design of the garden. So that this can be used for cozy summer evenings on the terrace, barbecue events and other activities, many people embellish your green spaces, for example, with garden furniture. A few chairs, loungers as well as a large table are often enough to create a pleasant atmosphere in the open air. However, in order not to make the green area appear too barren and empty, it makes sense to use appropriate garden decoration in the form of light for this purpose as well. For this purpose, decorative lamps for the garden are excellent, because these lamps not only look pretty, but can also highlight parts of the garden, such as a flowerbed or a sculpture. If you are looking for other outdoor lamps as well as matching accessories, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for. Whether outdoor floor lamps, outdoor table lamps, outdoor wall lamps or outdoor ceiling lamps - our wide selection offers suitable products for every taste and budget. Do you have questions about shipping, delivery, shipping costs or the price of one of our items? Our friendly service will be happy to advise you regarding our categories and provide you with further information upon request.

What are decorative lamps for the garden?

Decorative lamps for the green areas are classified as outdoor lighting, which is used in the garden. As the name suggests, they serve decorative and not functional purposes. These lighting compositions are mostly so-called plug-in lights, which can be fixed in the ground with an attached ground spike. However, gravel beds or rough stones, in which the lights hold well, are also suitable for installation. To withstand any weather conditions, the models are made of sturdy materials such as metal or hard plastic.

The appearance of the specimens, on the other hand, varies greatly and thus offers a suitable lighting composition for every taste. For example, in our store we have purist models in white, colorful, futuristic, rustic or classic examples, which come in candle as well as lantern optics. The powerful and at the same time environmentally friendly LED, which is installed as a light source, is powered by solar. Therefore, you do not have to worry about placing the lamp near a power outlet. Some models also come with special additional features. For example, they have a colored LED and a corresponding color change, a twilight and motion sensor, an enclosed remote control or a moving spot.

Where is a decorative lamp used in the garden?

Decorative lamps can beautify various places of a green area. Thereby, like fairy lights, they can either stand for themselves as garden lighting and set pleasant accents or highlight other objects as well as areas. The exact placement of the solar lights is up to you. It is only important that the sun's rays can hit the panels of the lamps without any restrictions. The following places are excellent for the use of decorative lamps for the garden:

  • In a flowerbed to highlight certain plants or sculptures and set the scene for them.
  • In the garden as a pleasant lighting for the green area
  • Near the terrace as decoration during a warm summer night with friends
  • With motion detectors on the driveway to make it easily visible to visitors in the dark
  • Near a pond to highlight it even in the darkness

What types of protection come into question?

A garden decorative light finds a place in the outdoor area, so you should definitely pay attention to an appropriate protection class. This is represented by the abbreviation IP and two code numbers. The first number stands for immunity to foreign bodies and dust, while the second digit indicates protection against water. The most suitable protection class depends on the exact place of installation of your lamp. With IP44, you choose the standard protection class for garden lights. This means they are immune to small foreign objects as well as splashing water from all sides. If jet water from the garden hose could hit the outdoor lamp, on the other hand, the number IP45 is suitable. On gravel or sandy paths, you should choose IP65 or IP66 protection, which will protect the light structures from dust.