Path lights

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54 Article

Path lights and bollard lights

The driveway and the entrance area of a property are magnets for dangerous tripping hazards at night, which both you as the owner and your guests can fall into. It is therefore all the more important that you equip these areas with bright path lights, which increase safety and also put your entrance area in the right light. In our online store you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for, because in addition to path lights, our range also includes other outdoor lights as well as indoor lights such as pendant lights and accessories. Our wide selection has something for every lighting design, every taste and every budget. In case you have any questions about delivery, price, shipping costs or any of our products, please feel free to contact us. Our friendly service will of course help you and provide you with further information if necessary.

What are path lights?

Path lights are lighting compositions with which a path can be illuminated in the evening or at night. Many models are very similar in appearance to pedestal lights, such as bollard lights, and serve the same purpose. They are made of sturdy materials such as stainless steel or aluminum, so the floor lamp can withstand storms and downpours. At the top of the light object is always the illuminant, which is a powerful and durable LED. This provides a wide light emission and thus a comprehensive illumination. A solar function also allows the outdoor lights to be placed freely on your property, as they do not rely on a power supply.

Many specimens have a purely functional use and therefore appear in plain shades such as silver, black or anthracite. However, our range includes occasional path lights with an integrated color changer, which allows them to shine not only in warm white, but in a wide variety of colors. But even without these functions, these luminous objects can, of course, serve visual purposes. Not only can they accompany you during a balmy summer evening on the terrace. By means of path lamps can also highlight individual areas outside in the garden, so that they immediately catch the eye of the observer. The different styles in which the lamps are held, leave nothing to be desired. Whether simple, modern and elegant, a classic lantern shape or in ball optics: Surely there is something for you.

Where can the path lamps be placed?

These lights are suitable in all areas, which are dangerous or even impossible to enter without outdoor lighting. This can be, for example, winding areas of your garden or a back entrance to the garage, which are peppered with stones and other trip hazards. However, the light fixture can also be placed at the edge of your property to mark your driveway for guests. Also in front of the front door, a bollard light instead of wall lights or ceiling lights provides increased security, deters unwanted visitors thanks to motion detectors - and also visually enhances the entrance area.

How are the path lights installed?

Installing such a pedestal light does not require any manual skills. Thanks to the integrated solar function, an outdoor stand light does not require a power supply, but can be placed wherever it is needed. Earth or a gravel bed is particularly suitable as a base, as most path lights are equipped with a pointed device on the bottom. This allows you to securely attach the LED bollard light, so even storms have no chance of knocking the lights out of their socket. 

What types of protection are suitable?

An LED pathway light is always placed in the outdoor area of a property to increase safety or to attractively illuminate certain zones. Therefore, before purchasing such a bollard light, it is important to pay attention to a suitable protection class. This is represented by the abbreviation IP ("International Protection") and two numbers. The first number indicates protection against foreign bodies, while the second number indicates immunity to water. If the outdoor luminaire is not directly exposed to rain, moisture or dirt, IP44 protection is perfectly sufficient. Insofar as the outdoor luminaire was installed, for example, in the garden or near a dusty path, you should reach for IP65 protection, which is dust-proof and immune to water jets.