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Column lights 

There are many reasons to equip the outdoor area of your home with different lighting compositions. One lamp provides more security on your own property, while the other appropriately sets the scene for the garden and terrace, bathing the green areas in a pleasant light. In case you are looking for a luminous object that is suitable for both applications, a luminous column is just what you need! These lamps combine functionality with simple design and will always look great in your outdoor space. However, our wide range goes far beyond such luminous constructions. In the online store you will also find what you are looking for, insofar as you are interested in table lamps, wall lamps or pendant lamps including accessories. Do you have further questions about shipping costs, delivery, a particular manufacturer or one of our products? Our friendly service team will of course be happy to help you and provide you with further information.

What are column lights?

A column light is a tall, cylindrical floor lamp that functions as outdoor lighting. It is made of weatherproof, sturdy materials such as stainless steel and is mostly available in plain colors such as silver, black or anthracite. At the top of the column is a lampshade made of plastic, behind which is hidden an LED as a light source. The motion detector integrated into many items ensures optimal operation and also saves electricity, as the high-quality lantern only lights up when it is needed. 

What are the lamps suitable for?

Basically, a column lamp can serve two different purposes: A functional purpose or a decorative purpose. For example, the former can be to increase safety in the yard by making trip hazards visible. In addition, the motion detector of many models chases unwanted guests off your property early, as the light suggests that the intruder is not undisturbed. However, such a light installation is also quite practical for your guests. The lamps can mark the entrance to your property and thus make it easier for your visitors to get there. Immediately in front of the front door, these outdoor lights also flawlessly solve problems such as finding the keyhole.

If, on the other hand, you want to use your lamp as a decoration, there are countless options available to you in this regard as well. Thus, the elegant lantern accentuates your entire green space or optimally sets individual areas such as a bed in scene. The lamps also cut an optimal figure when it comes to providing pleasant lighting on your terrace. Due to their simple, yet elegant design, the columns are not only suitable as a practical helper in the dark, but also as stylish lighting compositions that show off your green spaces to their best advantage.

Where are the columns suitable?

In principle, almost any place in the outdoor area of your home is suitable for installing a column light. However, the following places have proven to be particularly effective and benefit the most from the placement of such a lamp:

  • In the driveway, to make it clearly visible to guests in the dark
  • In the courtyard, so that the lamps serve as signposts and guide you flawlessly to your front door
  • In the entryway, so that treacherous areas like the keyhole or mailbox can be found at any time of day
  • On the terrace, to accompany you and your guests through the evening in an atmospheric and aesthetic way In the garden, to appropriately emphasize and set the scene for individual areas such as a pond or a bed

What protection classes should you choose?

The installation of such a lantern is always made in the outdoor area of your property. For this reason, it is essential to pay attention to the appropriate protection class of your luminaire, so that the best possible life of the model can be guaranteed. The different protection classes are represented by the abbreviation IP ("International Protection") and two subsequent numbers. The first number stands for immunity to foreign bodies and dust, while the second digit always indicates immunity to water. Several protection classes are suitable for models that are permanently exposed to a wide range of weather conditions.

IP44 represents the standard degree of protection for luminaires installed outdoors. In this case, they are protected against small foreign bodies, as well as splashing water from all sides. If the column is located in the garden, it may happen that jet water from the hose hits the lamp. In this case, the IP45 rating is suitable. If there is gravel or sand near the lamp, the IP65 and IP66 ratings are suitable, which additionally protects the lighting compositions from dust penetration.